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Deep Dive #8: Net Zero Carbon: 2022

Global temperatures are thought to have reached 1.2 °C of warming1 relative to pre-industrial levels. Climate science shows…

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Deep Dive #7: Biodiversity Loss

The purpose of this Deep Dive Report is to gain a greater understanding of how companies are coping…

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Deep Dive #6: Data Centres

Many of our investors will have heard us speak about the growing importance of intangibles when valuing companies.…

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Deep Dive #5: Net Zero Carbon: 2021

Montanaro Asset Management was founded in 1991 by Charles Montanaro. We are an independent investment boutique focused exclusively…

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Deep Dive #4: Plastic Fantastic

Biffa operates two of the most technically advanced plastic reprocessing facilities in the world. In June 2021, we…

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Deep Dive #3: Net Zero Carbon: 2020

Montanaro Asset Management is a B Corporation, a business certified for meeting the highest verified standards of social…

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