No one knows Smaller Companies like we do.

Capital at risk.

We get to know Smaller Companies on a personal level.

Smaller Companies are fascinating.

In our view, nothing is more rewarding than getting to know businesses run by exceptional people doing remarkable things.

Smaller Companies is a huge and varied sector, it’s not something we could ever get bored with.

Understanding their hopes and fears.

Not just the businesses, the people.

We have one of the world’s largest specialist teams of analysts. All the research we do and all investment ideas are our own. We back people not just businesses.  

With Smaller Companies, you have to get to know the management team who are taking the decisions that make the difference.

Companies that have been overlooked.

Smaller Companies are different.

Unlike Larger Companies, Smaller Companies tend to be simpler, more focused and easier to understand.  

Their fortunes are typically more dependent on the decision-making skills of their management. It’s a sector that’s traditionally overlooked by many analysts, which means there are still hidden gems to be found.

Socially responsible companies.

Smaller Companies, larger responsibility

We don’t just look for businesses who will generate attractive returns but companies who are making a positive contribution to society.

We are a B Corp company which means we’ve made a public commitment to be a force for good.

Moreover, we have been applying ESG criteria to all our investment decisions for over two decades.

Our funds and investment trusts

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